Denied Disability in Portland, ORegon

Have you been denied disability in Portland, OR? Unfortunately, this is a common result that many people experience after filing for Social Security. Since 1974, Richard A. Sly, Attorney at Law has worked closely with clients for their Social Security disability appeals. With an experienced attorney on your side, you will navigate the difficult and stressful appeal process without the risk of any common mistakes. Schedule a consultation with him today to have your case heard.

Filing Social Security Disability Appeals

The Social Security process is difficult for many people. Due to the complexity of the law, many first-time Social Security applicants are turned down for benefits. In many situations, they are also turned down on their first appeal.

Understanding the requirements for Social Security can only help your case. If you are eligible for benefits, turning to an experienced attorney will give you the assistance you need for your disability healing. Richard A. Sly will work with you to determine any eligibility and disability issues that may be preventing you from receiving benefits. He then uses his services to help you through the appeals process.

The Steps before Your Disability Healing

If you are denied disability, do not hesitate to meet with Richard A. Sly. The next step in the process is to appeal through a document called a Request for Reconsideration. This appeal must be filed within 60 days of the date of the application denial. Reconsideration is done by the same state agency that denied the application so the odds are that the application will be denied again. The Reconsideration decision is usually issued within approximately 90 days.

If there is a denial of the claim at the Reconsideration level, you must request a disability hearing before an Administrative Law Judge within 60 days of the Reconsideration denial. At this point, the claim leaves the State agency level and is then handled by the Social Security Administration’s Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR). The hearing is held before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).

The ALJ is not bound by the prior decisions. The wait time for a hearing depends on the office and ranges from 6 months to, unfortunately, more than 2 years. Prior to your hearing you can and should submit new or updated medical evidence. A Social Security attorney can help gather and refine the evidence you will need.

Disability Appeal Laws and Regulations

It is important to note that the laws and regulations that govern Social Security disability are extremely complex. It is never enough to simply show that you can’t perform your old job. In most cases, individuals who are represented by attorneys during the process are approved at a much higher rate than folks who go it alone.

Contact Richard A. Sly if you have been denied disability for your claim. Mr. Sly is available to assist with Social Security Disability appeals throughout Portland, Oregon.